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Ciudadela or Ciudadela de Menorca (in Catalan and official name Ciutadella de Menorca) is a municipality in Menorca, Balearic Islands, in Spain.
Located on the western tip of the island, it is the city with the largest number of inhabitants of Menorca (29,282 inhabitants in 2014) and seat of the bishopric of the island. It was the capital of the island until the English occupation in 1714. It surpasses in number of inhabitants Mahón, formerly the most populous municipality of Menorca. Mahón (in Catalan Maó) is the capital of Menorca and seat of the ‘Consell Insular’ or ‘Island Council’, a local administrative figure that in Menorca acts as the island government.

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The climate of Ciudadela is of Mediterranean type, since it shelters hot summers and soft and fresh winters. As a consequence of the fact that the island of Menorca is the northernmost of the Balearic Islands, rainfall in the villages is more or less abundant throughout the year. In Ciudadela they have an average of approximately 600 mm per year. As Ciudadela is located in the western part of the island, winds often reach up to 110 km/hour in winter. Ciudadela has an average temperature of about 15 °C; maximum temperatures range between 35 °C and minimum temperatures between 4 °C in winter. Temperatures can sometimes drop below 2 °C.

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